Light of creation. Awareness of emotions. Dreamy bangin beats and heavenly vocals. This is what Dj Xenomorph is all about; morphing from one world to another and keeping divinity at the same time. A hook of vocal trance was thrown to him in 2004 when he heard a set from Project C; Truly Serenity. This inspired him so much that he needed to find a source; a community called Generation Trance. After several months of listening to many beautiful mixes from GT and Project C, their fellows and Tranceverse Djs, he realized that he could do that do – making dreams a reality. Shortly after being introduced to mixing, he kept releasing many promos (Blue Dragon, Eternal Lights and so on) and many great comments had unexpectedly emerged, keeping his inspiration on high level. There is nothing better than totally uplifting moments with vocals bursting in and then finally releasing the dance energy – a sleeping beast. Since he has always been very creative, full of ideas and imagination, it is only a matter of time when all this will burst out in the open; to be seen, heard and remembered.
Currently he has been working mostly on 2 series: Vocal Elements, which brings you to full uplifting vocal trance music and In Search Of Harmony, where things get slower, chilly and mind relaxing. Other mixes just come spontaneus, the only Tranceverse Dj from Slovenia.