Name: Alexei M.
Location: St. Louis, USA
Road Map:
Vladivostok – Moscow – New York – Philadelphia – St. Louis – Washington, D.C. – Moscow – Vladivostok – Seoul – Los Angeles – St. Louis

Decks: Pioneer CDJ200
Mixer: Behreinger DJX700
Headphones: Technics RP DH1200
Soft Aides: Ableton, DssDJ, FL Studio

Tsikada’s musical adventure began at an early age when his mother signed him up for accordion lessons. Inability to fully control a large accordion and a very obvious sound range limitation soon led to an indefinite separation of the young musician and the antiquated instrument. A subsequent substitution for an acoustic and later electric guitar landed the young teenager a spot in a cover band and introduced him to a wider range of music. 1995-1997 opened a new page in Tsikada’s musical journey when he and his friend organized a DJ duo and hit the local club scene of a small town in southeast Russia. Averaging 2-3 performances a week, the duo perfected the art of team collaboration and mixing with tape reels and 45 min cassettes (!) Many performances were typically accompanied with some early Eurodance motifs – Haddaway, DJ Bobo, La Bouche, 2 Unlimited, Dr. Alban, Masterboy, Maxx, Fun Factory, E-Type, and many others. It was one of the best experiences while it lasted.
RIP Andrew N., – Tsikada’s DJ partner and friend.

In 1998-2003, Alexei abandons the DJ circuit and moves to the US to pursue his education ambitions. Upon completing his studies in 2003, the young man turns his attention back to EDM and enjoys the newly discovered and more sophisticated sound of Trance. His constant obsession with the new genre leads him to a surprising discovery of many Trance communities and a great culture. The following years (2005-2006) become a search foundation for his sound through experimenting with vocal and progressive trance and producing mixed compilations. Tsikada’s sets get recognition and initially appear on GT Radio and TrancestalgiaFM. Summer of 2006 brings another powerful collaboration effort by a UK-based DJ Hallow and a US-based DJ Tsikada and a new series is born and dubbed as “Trance-Atlantic Dialogues.” The series is picked up by Sean Olivier and get into rotation on Liquid Dreams Radio.

The young DJ is currently residing in St. Louis, USA where he promotes EDM and his love and passion for DJing. He plans on expanding his performances in the St. Louis area, producing his own sound, and brining people a little bit closer to various genres of EDM. You can always get more of DJ Tsikada on Tranceverse.com and the local STL DJ circuit.


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