Dj Devine

Name: Raihan Islam
Location: Calgary, Canada

Website: Dj Devine

Decks: Pioneer CDJ 500II (2x), Pioneer CDJ 200 (1x)
Mixer: Numark DXM06
Headphones: Stanton DJ Pro 3000
Genre: Trance/Progressive/House

Introduced to the world of electronica at quite an early age of 14. By exploring and indulging himself into the roots and extensions of Dance music, Dj Devine came upon Trance, and the EDM atmosphere. Quickly learning and appreciating the music, searching and researching the history and art of this wonderful genre, he fell in love.Now after many years of collecting thousands and thousands of tracks/singles, albums and compliations, he could do nothing else to take the next step onto Djing.Ongoing Support from friends and family and the understanding of knowing himself, and his abilities and creativity that he brings to the tables on each mix, really helped him progress.With ongoing experiments with Dance music, there has become no boundaries as Dj Devine is able and willing to stretch the borders from Trance, Dance, Progressive, House, Techno, Chill to much more!Let The Story Continue…

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